The ShadowLight Kingdom

A little history

My name is Dani Marti. After designing websites for fifteen years, I decided to start learning 3D Modeling, Game Design, and Development. I started ten months ago with no idea about 3D or Unity; it’s been a rewarding and fun journey.

I started my game because I realized the best way to learn was creating a real game. I started taking courses in CG Cookie and Udemy, I took the Unity Certified Developer Courseware and watched lots of tutorials on youtube. Taking courses speed up my learning process so much. I couldn’t be here right now if I didn’t have all of those wonderful resources. It’s a slow process because I have to learn two technologies to be able to create what I had in mind, and I still spend most of my day designing and developing websites. So I haven’t able to dedicate too much time, I used any spare hours, nights and weekends.
I started modeling my characters in Blender 3D and developing my game with Unity.

Learning and working on a real game got me excited and motivated what helped me to keep progressing when I was feeling stuck. I have always been inspired by games like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Diablo, Ghouls and Ghosts. I wanted my game to have some of those influences.

The Action, the Adventure and the Mystery

The ShadowLight Kingdom is an RPG Game with three main pillars, action, adventure, and mystery. And some touches of humor.

The ShadowLight Kingdom is a dynamic game where you will have tons of action. It’s time sensitive, so after a period of grace where you will find the first round of enemies, other enemies will start appearing from anywhere. They are the “chasers”; it doesn’t matter where they are spawned on the level, they will find you.
You will want to finish the level as fast as possible otherwise you will have a lot of work to get to the end. But more kills means more experience, so your strength and abilities in combat will increase exponentially if you decide to be a “killer” instead of a “runner.”

The game is an adventure; you will need to explore and discover secrets to be able to advance thru the levels. You are not alone; other characters are willing to help you, they will be hiding. Look for them thru the levels. Invest some time in exploring and discovering valuable rewards.

The game is a mystery. As the Player, you will start in a World without not too much information. The story will be told as the game goes, pay attention to details and collect clues. All of that seasoned with some jokes and humor.

The Style and Game Art

I wanted my game to be a mix of RPG and action. I like the aspect of the RPG where the Player grows and improves, but I like the simplicity of action games where you only fight. Having that in mind I decided to design the levels like platform style. That creates an unreal world that would be physically impossible but brings personality and style to the game.

I love 3D cartoons, especially from Dreamworks. I wanted to create my game as a live cartoon. The low-poly style worked nicely for me matching the style I was looking. To make it funnier and introduce new features to the game, I decided to add face expression animations to my characters during gameplay. They feel alive and show feelings. The player, for example, gets furious when enters in combat.

The ShadowLight Kingdom is a game with beautiful and exciting levels. The lighting mixed with music, sound effects, camera effects and particle systems create a mysterious World where you are engaged in exploring and combating. There are secrets you will need to resolve to move forward.

The Story

The ShadowLight Kingdom is driven by a story what gets told as the game progresses. The ShadowLight Kingdom is a World split by two Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Shadows and the Kingdom of Light. Both Kingdoms tolerate each other to keep the peace. That peace is fragile and will be broken.

You are Knight Storm, a loyal and trustworthy Knight of the Kingdom. The right-hand man of the King, a good and close friend who proved his loyalty defending the Kingdom for years. You are admired for your titanic feats. Your name honors your bad attitude when you enter in combat. An angry and fearless warrior with a thirst for death.
You are crucial to keep the peace between both Kingdoms. That’s the reason why your enemies want you removed from the Royal Guard.

You will be betrayed. Your enemies will set you up, and you will be found guilty of a terrible crime you didn’t commit. Thanks to the King your sentence of death will be commuted to patrol the most extreme and dangerous borders of the Kingdom for life. Here is where the game starts. Would you be able to defend the Kingdom and discover who is behind that evil plan?

The Gameplay

The game wants to be dynamic, fast and intense. Levels are designed to be played up to 10 minutes. There are lots of enemies. Each minute that you spend on the game, you will have more chances to die in that level. The Game is time-sensitive, enemies got spawned randomly around the level with a common goal: chasing and killing you.
The camera is located close to the player; you will have a perfect view of the combat to appreciate any small detail.
There are different types of enemies, in each level, you will be encountering new enemies, who are stronger and more deadly, plus all the kinds you previously fought. As RPG game the Player is meant to grow, getting stronger and more powerful. The Player will be unlocking and discovering new powers each time he reaches a different level of experience. Your combat skills will improve with those new abilities.

What’s Next

The game is still in development. I’m working on creating more attractive levels and more enemies to have plenty of diversity. I will release an early demo soon to get feedback; please keep posted if you are interested in being one of the firsts to try the game. Your feedback is really valuable to me.