Every Hero Needs a Monster

I didn’t have so much time lately to post any of my 3D work cause I have been luckily busy for the last two months designing and developing websites. I wish I had more time for 3D Modeling and Game Development but everybody needs to pay his bills. Maybe some day …

This is my last project, Every Hero Needs a Monster. It’s a render about a new Game I’m developing thanks to Unity 3D. It’s just a raw idea, but it’s slowly making more sense every day. It’s about a little Hero who lands in an unknown World. He will need your help to remember his past and his purpose in that World. A little action adventure with beautiful graphics and some funny jokes.

Every Hero Needs a Monster

After 15 years designing and developing websites I woke up one day thinking I should do something different, more creative, without client’s limitations, something just for me to have fun. I never thought I could be able to build anything in 3D. I tried years ago but softwares were really difficult and there weren’t any online tutorials to help you out.

That day I woke up wanting to do something different I started drawing, just with pencils and paper, like when I was a child. After drawing some sketches and making some illustrations I thought “Oh it would be really cool to take this 2D illustrations to 3D”. So I started researching about 3D and realized how much the industry had changed. Some really good 3D software like Blender 3D were free. And then plenty of websites were offering tutorials and courses, so the learning curve wouldn’t be so hard. I thought it was worth it a try.

I invested a lot of hours and some dollars in really good learning sites like CG Cookie and Udemy. Four months later I have been able to model those characters, apply textures, create volumetric lights and learn different rendering options such as Cycles Render in Blender 3D.

After my attempts modeling 3d I discovered Unity 3D, a free software for Game Developing. So now that I was making my illustrations 2D to 3D, I was thinking “Oh it would be really cool if I can make a Game using my characters”. And that’s how I started to think that if I wanted I would be able to create my own game…


Small animation of enemy looking for the player.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is an amazing software for Game Developing that easily brings your ideas to life, your only limitation is your imagination. Unity is a big community of 3D Artists and Game Developers too. You will feel encouraged and motivated to create something just by taking a look to their website.

I’m obsessed with the new possibilities and having so much fun just learning. For the last two months I have been studying and learning how to create and develop games. I’m in a really early stage but I’m sure I will be able to launch my game soon… Keep posted it’s going to be very exciting to see it coming all together! I will be posting new updates soon… Thanks for reading 🙂